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Nose Surgery - Rhinoplasty

What You Should Know

Many women and men find that they have perfect, ears, perfect cheeks, stunning eyes, flawless skin, but the nose conspicuously stands out as the problematic area.  The nose while serving the all-important purpose of helping us breathe, can look unappealing. Possibly due to genetics, an unfortunate accident, aging or weight gain. The nose is the reason why people get ridiculed by friends or in more serious cases get turned down from jobs such as acting jobs. Only a few of us are satisfied with the state of our nose and say with confidence that they have beautiful nose.

Read on to find out how rhinoplasty can help enhance your appearance.  

What is Nose surgery or Rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery, otherwise known as Rhinoplasty is a form of plastic surgery aimed at reconstructing, and correcting the general form of the nose. In addition, this surgery helps regain normal functions such as breathing and smelling besides aesthetically improving the appearance of the nose.

Nose surgery is great for people who have congenital defects, suffered nasal trauma, and had failed rhinoplasty procedures performed previously.

Nose surgeries are normally performed for cosmetic reasons. However, the same procedure can be used medically to correct deformities and issues that may hinder proper breathing for the patient.

Issues that may have one considering nose surgery include:
Asymmetry - A person’s nose may appear unusual by looking deviated or twisted
Dorsal hump - Some people have conspicuous bumps right at the middle of their nose bridge
Nasal width - You have a nose that is too narrow or too wide
Deformities due to accidents - Falling accidents, for instance, may leave one with shape aberrations on the nose
Airway issues - These are serious conditions that include septal deviation or internal collapse of valve
Drooping of the nasal tip - It is recommended that the space between the upper lip and the lower nose measures averagely 90 degrees. If your space measures less than this, you most likely have a drooping nasal tip that needs correction
Prominent Nasal tip - Many call this a button nose. Here you have a nose that looks fat, round and that’s not proportionate with the rest of your face
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Ideal Nose Parameters
  • Straight back
  • Rounded tip (slightly upturned)
  • Streamlined shape over the entire length
  • The angle between the columella (the cutaneous part between the nostrils) and the tip of the nose is 45 degrees
  • The angle between the columella and the upper lip in women is 105 degrees, in men it is 95
  • The nostrils should be symmetrical, and the wings should have smooth outlines.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is aesthetic and reconstructive. The aim of aesthetic rhinoplasty is to change the shape of the nose for a more harmonious and attractive appearance. Aesthetic rhinoplasty can be both complete and superficial (partial).

Complete rhinoplasty is an operation in which the surgeon affects all the structural parts of the nose as a whole. With complete rhinoplasty, the length and width of the nose are corrected, and the unwanted humpback is removed.

Partial (or superficial) rhinoplasty this type of surgery is aimed at correcting some external areas of the nose. Most often resort to partial rhinoplasty, if desired, to change the tip of the nose, or in order to reduce the wings of the nose.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty aimed at solving the problem of a physiological nature. When, for example, a curvature of the nose during damage to the nasal septum, became an obstacle to free breathing. Also, reconstructive rhinoplasty can improve the unsatisfactory appearance due to fractures and injuries. Appeal to this type of plastic surgery of the nose and in the event that congenital deformity of the nose is determined.

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Rhinoplasty techniques:

Closed rhinoplasty

An incision from the inside, on the mucous membrane of the nasal vestibule, on the outside the skin is not affected, in which a micro-instrument, a manipulator and a microcamera are inserted under the skin.

Open rhinoplasty

The incision of the skin of the nose from below, in the area of ​​the columella, makes it possible to clearly see the structures of the nose, is used for volumetric operations – the bump of the nose or its cavity, the plastic of the nose after fracture.

The table below illustrates the risks and benefits of having nose surgery.





Improved appearance 

Enhanced breathing 

Improved self-confidence 

Note that the above risks are significantly minimized if a patient chooses to have a board-certified surgeon perform their nose surgery. These surgeons are well trained and experienced enough to protect and monitor the patient’s well-being during and after the surgery. The doctor conducts thorough tests on the patient and takes them through intensive consultation aimed at unveiling any underlying issues besides figuring out the patient’s expectations.  The patient normally has a picture taken before the rhinoplasty and after the rhinoplasty so that after recovery, they can compare before and after photos to see what changes have occurred. Many patients have reported positive feedback and expressed their happiness with their results.


Benefits of Having Nose Surgery

with FT Beauty&Health in Ukraine

Our experts provide a free consultation with a photo-forecast of the result so that you choose the ideal option for yourself. Our clinics perform an operation with a guaranteed result, painlessly and without edema. You will be able to breathe through your nose immediately after the procedure, and after a few days you will be able to go out, because

we perform the operation without subsequent bruising.

Our clinics mostly perform a close Rhinoplasty which doesn’t occur bruising in 90% of cases.

Our advantages:

  • Painlessly
  • The possibility to carry out simultaneous septoplasty at the same time (correction of the shape of the septum)
  • Out in a couple of days
  • Photo forecast of the result

Cost of Rhinoplasty Abroad

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Nose surgery Rhinoplasty is one of the top five most common minimally invasive procedures both men and women undergo with the numbers increasing each year.     Rhinoplasty cost varies from doctor to doctor. While one patient may undergo a simple rhinoplasty procedure, another patient may have numerous problematic areas that may cause differences in rhinoplasty costs. First of all, the price depends on whether the operation on the nose is primary or repeated. Repeated surgery is more expensive due to the fact that the surgeon has to correct someone else’s work, and after the previous operation, the condition of the tissues is questionable.

During the reconstruction of the septum, it may be necessary to obtain cartilage, which for this purpose is removed from the ear or from the rib.


Therefore the exact quotation could be given only after a surgeon will assess each individual case and propose an individualized treatment plan. To compare different companies’ quotations for Rhinoplasty abroad it is essential to make sure that price includes all treatment-related costs such as anesthesia, pre-op exams, post-op nose plate, travel coordination services, etc.

FT Beauty&Health provides customers with all-inclusive prices, no hidden cost, and help to minimize any travel-related cost.

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