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Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry and Fertility Treatments in Ukraine - Organising your trip

First Enquiry about your medical procedure in Ukraine

The best way to get our swift and detailed response is to complete the Booking form here and to provide a few photos, if applicable. This is important, particularly for requests regarding plastic surgery procedures. This is when the surgeon has to see the areas to be treated, in order to propose the best treatment plan and prepare an exact quotation.

For Dentistry requests we would usually ask if you could provide us with a recently taken panoramic dental X-ray and if you didn’t have any, we could refer you to our affiliated, central London clinic, where they could help.

With regards to the actual dental treatment, we offer two options, as follows:

  • We can refer our patients to an affiliated clinic in central London to get a consultation from a UK based dentist, where they will prepare a proposed treatment plan and give you a quotation for the work to be done in London. We would then ask the dentist in Ukraine to prepare a quotation for the same work to be done in Ukraine. This way the patient is able to compare the costs and decide where to have it done. The standard of work and material used is the same in both cases, but the cost will be considerably lower in Ukraine, due to lower medical salaries, rentals, etc.
  • The patient receives an online consultation and gets everything done in Ukraine. Please note, that in this case you might need an extra day in Ukraine to take care of any oral hygiene issues, which the doctor might find necessary after the consultation in person.

For Laser Eye Treatment requests you don’t need to send any analysis results, however you would need to be recommended for the procedure by your UK doctor. All tests and preparation will be done in Ukraine.

For IVF treatment you could send us the analysis and protocol results, if ever done in UK. However,  couples can also start the whole program, including any required analysis, directly in Ukraine, if they so wish.  The list of analysis, needed for the program, will be sent on request.

For all general information you can browse our website, contact us via email on or call us on one of our UK numbers: 07459 75 00 74 and 02032 390 496. We will also gladly call you back at any time you want. Just visit our call back form here, choose a preferred time and send us call back request.

After your first contact with us, we’ll assign your own customer coordinator who will be at your disposal to answer all your questions, liaise with the clinics, check available dates, help you to arrange all the bookings and support you throughout your journey.

We will provide you with a fully comprehensive cosmetic surgery quotation, or other medical procedure you’ve chosen, within 1-2 working days from your initial enquiry (usually we are able to come back with the whole information in a few hours). The quotation will include treatment details and fully inclusive prices, information about the recommended clinic, a range of available dates for your treatment and preliminary schedule.

Booking the medical treatment dates

If you are happy with all the information you received please let us know the dates you would like to come along. We will email you a confirmation with the proposed schedule for your stay. We will also ask you to pay a deposit of 350 GBP by a credit or debit card online to book the facilities, as per our Terms&Conditions. This amount will be deducted from the cost of your medical treatment package. The outstanding amount will be paid directly to the clinic, after your arrival in Kiev and initial consultation with your doctor.

Booking accommodation and flights

After you pay the deposit, we will work together to review the list of available accommodations next to the chosen clinic. We can recommend apartments or hotels, where our patients had stayed before and provided very positive feedback.

All our clinics are very centrally located and no more than 5-10 minutes walking distance to the main tourist attractions. Choosing an accommodation in the proximity of the clinic therefore makes it easier for our patients to see the doctors for the planned check-ups and allow them to spend quality time in an area reach of culture and beautiful architecture, as well as restaurants, shopping malls and clubs.

As part of our package, and free of charge, our local coordinator will arrange the transfers and accompany you to your your pre-operative tests, surgery and post-operative check-ups.

There are many airlines operating flights from the UK to Kiev. We would advise you to book a direct flight (approx.3 hours) to Kiev (Kyiv) Boryspil Airport or Zhulyany Airport (both are perfectly fine).  The following airlines provide regular scheduled flight from London.

There are also flights from Manchester with Ryanair and various options for other ports of departure.  We will happily assist you with your booking requirements.

Your arrival in Kiev

 Your personal coordinator will pick you up from the airport by car. You will be provided with their telephone number and an Ukrainian SIM-card upon arrival. Our coordinators speak fluent English. Please pack as little as possible as it is not advised to carry heavy items after surgery.

Preliminary programme for your stay

Arrival day (afternoon)

  • pick-up by our personal coordinator
  • visit the clinic for a consultation and, if possible, – pre-operative tests (blood, ECG)
  • filling in the papers
  • consultation with the anaesthesiologist
  • check-in to the hotel
  • sightseeing tour with a personal coordinator

Surgery day

  • must not eat nor drink in the morning
  • your consultation with the doctor at the clinic
  • Tests if needed
  • Payment for the treatment
  • Getting ready for the treatment
  • Medical Treatment (surgery) based on the programme
  • Stay at the clinic in a VIP individual room until the evening, or for up to two nights, depending on the type of surgery and individual requirements

Recovery days

  • Length of stay in Kiev is based on the individual programme
  • Post-operative check-ups
  • After the procedure, patients receive all information and instructions regarding the post-operative care (dressing changes, stitches removal, wound care, check-ups).
  • Stay in the hotel or apartment
  • Sightseeing individual tours on request

Your doctor will agree with you on post-operative check-ups. Usually, it is  2-3 working days after the operation. However, it could be daily if your recovery requires so. You will be also given a telephone number on which you can contact our staff outside working hours and during weekends.

During the stay at the clinic, our patients are hospitalized in single VIP rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom, free WiFi and satellite TV. To make your stay more comfortable and pleasant, our trained English speaking personnel is available 24 hours a day.

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Post-operative period after returning back home

Throughout your stay at the clinic, you will be in direct contact with our patient coordinator, which will attend to your needs. The coordinator will also stay in contact with you after your return home. Our aim is to ensure you are taken care from the moment you first contact us and supported through the post-operative stage back in your home country.

Please plan your recovery time and book enough time off from work. It is important that you as a patient take this seriously and understand that you have to follow the post-operative advice given by the surgeon.

The plastic surgeon does his job, but you have to take care of yourself and follow the doctor’s recommendations to ensure you will get the best results out or your operation.

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