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As early as 50 centuries ago, women have been taking care of their lips. Historically, women from Egypt were known to shade or color their lips with seaweed to enhance their beauty. With these facts, it is clear that the lips are a valued part of a woman’s body.     

 Being born with lips that are excessively thick or thin could be the source of immense unrest for anyone. You may dress well, shoes are on point, your hair looking neat, but the look of your lips can significantly degrade your efforts to make a statement. Lips correction surgery is a viable solution not only for cosmetic reasons but for people born with birth deformities on their lips. Here is more on lips correction surgery

Lips correction surgery also medically known as Cheiloplasty is a procedure used to increase or reduce the size of the lips while simultaneously altering the shape of the lips to achieve a desirable look. Lips correction surgery ranks high among common minimally invasive procedures performed on thousands of patients throughout the world.

The surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis under local or general anesthesia. Incisions are made on the inner or outer side of the lip. After the operation, the surgeon carefully seals the incisions. Within 2 hours or more depending on whether or not the patient wanted lips correction surgery as part of another combination procedure, she is asked to go home for recovery. 

                 There are a variety of techniques and methods used during lips correction surgery.

                 These include:

  • Using the patient’s fatty tissues to perform fat grafting
  • Using aqua filling jelly for lip filling
  • Using synthetic filler produced from hyaluronic acid for temporary lip enlargement
  • Lip reduction

For a longer lasting effect, the surgeon uses a patient’s own fat cells with the effects expected to stay for as many as five years or even more. Alternatively, using synthetic fillers will reward the patient with their desired effects but these effects are not as long lasting as fat cells. After a couple of years, the effects start to fade away with some hyaluronic based fillers effects lasting only a few months.  

Lips correction surgery tips

Reasons for lips correction surgery  

There are many reasons why a patient may consider having laser lip correction surgery. Such reasons include:

  • Birth defects such as cleft lip
  • Facial trauma that led to having asymmetrical lips
  • Genetics leading to abnormally thick lips or thin lips
  • Aging can alter the shape of the lips owing to loss of skin elasticity
  • Lifestyle habits like smoking for a long period of time can alter the shape of the lips

 The table below shows the side effects associated with lip tie correction surgery and post-operative care tips to help alleviate them.  

Side effects Post Op care tips
Swelling Use a cold press to reduce swelling
Soreness Take painkillers and prescribed medication
Numbness Do not drink alcohol or salty food
Bruising Eat healthy food to promote faster healing

The recovery time is generally very short with patients returning to their normal schedule a few days after lips correction surgery. This, however, doesn’t mean that the patient is fully healed. Therefore, you are discouraged from undertaking strenuous exercises, for at least three weeks after the surgery. There will be very little scarring which you don’t have to worry about as most of the scars are inside the mouth.