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Every year several million people in the world undergo laser vision correction procedures. Advancement in technologies and safety of the procedure give patients quick results and allow them to see the world in all its colours, without additional aid, whether it is glasses or contact lenses.

Over 5 million people have been treated in our partner clinics, since they started offering these procedures many years ago

The British Ophthalmology Centre in currently the only clinic in Ukraine to offer laser vision correction using the NEW LED 3D TECHNOLOGY of 2019!! – COLD LASER CORRECTION.

The iQ-LASIK Oxygen technique is designed for those who are not ready for a compromise and want the best that vision correction technology can offer.

iQ-LASIK Oxygen 3D was developed over a long period of time, from 1995 to 2010, and several million people around the world have now improved their vision by undergoing this procedure. This is a modern and safe technique for improving vision with a refraction laser.

LASEK, LASIK methods of Laser Eye surgery

What makes it different from other methods?

This technique is the only “cold” laser correction method currently in existence. When iQ-LASIK Oxygen 3D  is performed, the temperature of the cornea of ​​the eye does not increase. This is achieved using the author’s “nomogram”, which is delivered through using a special method for calculating the power of the energy of a refraction laser, as well as using a special solution of protectors during the procedure of laser vision correction. This protects the eye from the free radicals impact during laser radiation and, as a result, delivers excellent results which translate in an increased visual acuity after laser correction.

Why is it better than femtosecond lasers?

In earlier years femtosecond lasers were amazingly effective, giving a certain accuracy (the error of their use is 20 μm). At present, however, the modern microkeratomas of the French company MORIA, have achieved much greater accuracy (an error in the use of 5 μm).

 Also, when using femtosecond lasers in laser correction procedure, there might occur so-called “domed cut” effect. This effect might impair the patient’s evening and night vision, while driving a car. Therefore, from January 2015, using of femtosecond lasers is no longer an up to date procedure, and this is world practice.

Due to the latest equipment, the operation on both eyes lasts no more than 7 minutes, and after the correction, the vision of most patients reaches 100%, and in some cases can even exceed 100 percent. The laser correction operation does not impact the daily rhythm of life: no need to take long time off work, normal eye loads is allowed just a few days after the laser correction.

Laser Eye correction abroad cheap – FT Beauty&Health Co.
How do we evaluate the results of iQ-LASIK Oxygen?

Excellent vision improvement results and virtually zero percent complications when using cold laser correction speak for themselves.

Laser correction method LASEK - SportLine

This solution is for those of us who support an active lifestyle and can be of particular benefit to professional athletes.

It is no secret that sport brings challenges in our lives, sometimes small, sometimes significant which can impact real life’s performance. Increased physical activity, a lot of movements, practising sports leave no option to people with poor eyesight, but to wear a pair of vision correction glasses. This might be uncomfortable in every day’s life but can become a serious issue to people with an active lifestyle and particularly to professional athletes.

Fortunately, there are now medical procedures that address this problem and allow active people and athletes with a poor eyesight to rid themselves of the need of wearing vision correction glasses. 

Laser vision correction is the way to go, as it delivers excellent results with minimum risk. However, it does still require potential candidates to be screened for suitability and this is what our doctors do. The modern excimer laser allows them to simulate the cornea properly using a special nomogram, before performing any operation, where the technology of valve-free access to the ablation zone allows to solve the vision impairment problems.

LASIK, LASEK surgery abroad - FT Beauty&Health Co.

Our LASEK – SportLine program is made for you. The main difference of this program of laser vision correction from other methods is that the laser is adjusted by a special program so as to give a full volume of full vision during sports and physical activity. Among our clinic’s patients are Olympic champions, who note that the procedure of laser vision correction helped them to achieve the greatest results. Also, with this program of laser vision correction, we use the patient monitoring scheme after the vision correction, to support your full re-engagement in sport and active lifestyle, usually from the second day after the laser vision correction procedure. LASEK – SportLine is a laser vision correction program for those who do not need compromises. Live full life!

Laser correction method Super iLASIK

Super iLASIK is a progressive laser vision correction technique that meets the highest standards of world ophthalmology. The peculiarity of this correction method consists in accurate laser “grinding” of the cornea based on the data of preliminary aberration analysis of its surface.

Thanks to the optimal combination of the latest generation of excimer lasers, as well as an innovative diagnostic system, it has become possible to identify and eliminate all irregularities in the cornea. With the help of a special computer programme, aberrometric analysis data is transmitted to the laser. The laser beam selectively corrects only those areas of the cornea that have abnormalities. All aberrations (distortions) affecting the quality of vision are eliminated.

Today, Super iLASIK is the top range of modern laser surgery and a real step towards a more complete use of the biological potential of human vision.

The main difference of this method of laser vision correction from other methods of laser vision correction is the use of the module of personal ablation.

To give you an excellent vision is the professional goal and objective of our clinic. Having your eye operation done in the British Ophthalmologic Centre means that you are in the hands of skilled professionals who will use the best techniques available in modern ophthalmology. After all, you deserve this.

FT Beauty&Health will make all the necessary arrangements for you and you can be confident knowing that the «British ophthalmology centre» in Kiev is one of the most experienced laser eye surgery providers in Ukraine. We’ll be with you and fully support you through every step of your journey to a better vision

Laser Eye Correction prices abroad in Kiev, Ukraine

Price for laser eye surgery has never been so affordable.
LASIK, Super iLASIK £360
ThinFlap, TopoLASIK, OptiLASIK, LASEK-SportLine £360
iQ-LASIK-Oxygen £360
Laser eye surgery MAGIC £360
ProvisumLASIK £699
Preoperative eye examination £30
New service “Care and Calm” – preoperative sedation for nervous patients £120
Booking agency fee £500

*All prices are indicated per 1 eye whilst having surgery on both

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