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Egg donation and IVF treatment abroad with FT Beauty&Health

We are pleased with the opportunity to expand and provide medical services in the international market for foreign patients. Our clinics have been offering their services for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technologies in vitro for 27 years.

Our contracted reproductive medicine clinics deliver the next services:
  • Diagnosis of female infertility;
  • Diagnosis of male infertility (TESE/PESE/micro TESE);
  • Initial tests before starting the IVF program;
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD, NGS on 5/9/24 chromosomes);
  • Egg donation;
  • Sperm donation;
  • Embryo donation;
  • Surrogacy;
  • Intrauterine insemination;
  • IVF;
  • ICSI;
  • IMSI;
  • PICSI;
  • Laser hatching;
  • Cryopreservation of biological material;
  • Observation of pregnancy after IVF;
  • Observation of pregnancy in I, II, III trimesters;
  • Prenatal diagnosis.

IVF fertilization

involves a number of steps:
  •  Ovarian stimulation
  • Puncture of follicles with the removal of eggs
  • IVF, cultivation and selection of the obtained embryos
  • IMSI (IMSI), RICSI, ICSI (ICSI) – assisting selective technologies
  • Assisting hatching


Transfer/cryotransfer of embryo (s) into the uterine cavity

  • All analysis, as well as ultrasound can be done in our clinics before joining the program, or in the country of residence before arriving in Kiev.
  • On the day of arrival, patients sign a contract for the provision of medical services, applications for cryopreservation / freeze-drying / cryopreservation of bio material.
  • A man gives sperm to cryo (2 times with an interval of several days) and can go back to the country.
  • A woman is prescribed medication that she takes from a certain day of the cycle and every 3-4 days she comes to an ultrasound at a doctor who monitors the growth of follicles (10-14 days).
  • when the follicles reach a certain size, the doctor prescribes a puncture day where, under general anesthesia, all the cells from all the follicles will be extracted with the help of special equipment.
  • Embryologists will clear these cells of the oocyte fluid and will only select cells of the highest quality II, which will later be fertilized with ICSI.
  • For 5 days, embryologists will observe their growth.
  • Embryo transfer possible on day 5
  • Before transfer (if necessary, pre-implantation diagnostics can be performed – PGD at 5/9/24 embryo). The result of PGD on chromosome 5 will be ready before transfer for 5 days. in the case of PGD on 9/24 chromosomes, the result will be in 3-4 weeks, therefore, the embryos are first frozen for 5 days, and in the next cycle, they are thawed and transferred.
IVF and egg donation cost abroad – FT Beauty&Health Co.

The clinics also provide services using donor oocytes / sperm / embryos in IVF programs for patients, as well as intrauterine insemination with husband / donor sperm and follicle puncture in the natural cycle, surrogate motherhood.

The clinics for Reproductive Medicine offers its services for the PICSI / IMSI procedure, testicular biopsy

TESA and TESE – with obstructive aspermia and non-obstructive azoospermia;

PESA and MESA (micro-TESE).

The clinics have the opportunity to save biological material for the birth of the future offspring. We offer:

  • egg vitrification;
  • sperm cryo-conservation;
  • embryo freezing.
The provision of donor oocytes in IVF (fresh / vitrified)/ Egg Donation

Donor eggs are used when it is impossible to get your own eggs or they cannot be used. For example, in the absence of ovaries or depletion of their function, in the absence of ovarian response to stimulation of ovulation or repeated unsuccessful attempts of IVF, while receiving low-quality embryos. In addition, donor eggs are used to achieve pregnancy in women who, for various reasons, are opposed to stimulation of the ovaries, as well as women with genetic diseases, to avoid their transfer to offspring. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) allows you to check embryos prior to their transfer, and if the results of PGD are not satisfactory, donor eggs are recommended.

Egg donors can be:

Individual donors. Patients themselves choose a suitable candidate that meets the requirements for the donor.

Anonymous donors selected and examined by the clinic. Information about the identity of an anonymous donor is confidential. The donor does not receive information about the patients for whom her eggs are intended.

In any case, the donor undergoes a comprehensive examination. Specialists of the Clinic carefully examine the donor (in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 787 of 09.09.2013), assess its general health, check for the presence of hepatitis B and C, syphilis, HIV infection, sexually transmitted infections, conduct a study of hormonal background and also determine the karyotype. Requirements are: physical and mental health, age up to 35 years, having a healthy child of your own.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, the donor signs a waiver of parental rights to children born using her biomaterial.

The cost of providing donor eggs includes the necessary examinations, preparation, stimulation, and puncture of the donor, as well as the necessary medications. In addition, material compensation to the donor is taken into account.

For some cases, the use of vitrified (frozen) donor eggs is optimal. If eggs of the selected donor are available in the Clinic’s cryobank, patients can use them in the IVF protocol. Such a protocol is usually used: the eggs are thawed, fertilized, and the resulting embryos are cultivated so that they are ready to be transferred to the patient during the desired period of the cycle. Advantages of this option: lower cost, it is convenient to coordinate the transfer dates, no synchronization of cycles is required. However, there are downsides. In other embodiments of the protocol, patients have all the eggs obtained from the donor (usually about 10), and therefore with a maximum probability will result in several viable embryos of high quality. In a protocol with vitrified oocytes, patients receive only 5 frozen donor cells. This reduces the number of embryos produced. It should be noted that vitrification does not affect the quality of eggs and embryos.

In an IVF protocol using donor eggs, several strategies can be implemented. The total cost of treatment will depend on the chosen strategy.

World statistics states and proves that the percentage of successful programs is in the range of +/- 45% (it all depends on the age of the woman). Theoretically, this figure can be within +/- 60% if you take into account absolutely all transfers for one patient. Our success rate indicators are within the mentioned figures.

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Cost of IVF programs, egg donation programs abroad with FT Beauty&Health Co.

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The clinics have a team of professionals who annually attend international symposia and conferences and are also members of European, Ukrainian, and American reproduction associations. All doctors speak English. Also in the clinic, there are translators who coordinate foreign patients during a visit to the doctor and provide their assistance in the communication process in the clinic, as well as at the stage of electronic correspondence.

Prices for IVF
Prices for IVF packages in Ukraine, including donor’s oocytes, donor’s sperm and surrogate maternity
IVF+12 cryo oocytes (from cryobank) If couple plans to have more than 1 child in the future 4220 Euro IVF+6 cryo oocytes (from cryobank) For those who plans only 1 child 2900 Euro
-Defrost (thawing) of 12 cryo oocytes MII* (the highest quality mature egg cell) 2640 Defrost (thawing) of 6 cryo oocytes MII* 1320
-Fertilization of all mature eggs via ICSI 460 -Fertilization of all mature eggs via ICSI 460
-Extended embryo cultivation 530 -Extended embryo cultivation 530
-Аssisted hatching 130 -Аssisted hatching 130
-Embryotransfer (transfer of embryos, general anaesthesia) 360 Embryotransfer (transfer of embryos, general anaesthesia) 360
-Implantation supervision 100 -Implantation supervision 100
Agency fee £375 (sterling)
Agency fee £375 (sterling)
IVF+ all fresh DO 4720 Euro Standart IVF(without cost of medication) 2200 Euro
-Donor examination and monitoring 800 -preliminary consultation;
-Medications for DO 1200 -couple examination 294
-Eggs retrieval 400 -monitoring ultrasounds 294
-Donor’s compensation 1000 -Eggs retrieval 378
-Fertilization of all mature eggs via ICSI 460 -Fertilization of all mature eggs via ICSI 378
-Extended embryo cultivation 530 -Extended embryo cultivation 336
-Assisted hatching, general anaesthesia+ Еmbryotransfer 230 -General anaesthesia, embryotransfer , аssisted hatching 294
-Implantation supervision 100 IVF implantation supervision 210
Agency fee £375 (sterling)
Agency fee £375 (sterling)
Extra pay: Euro
Frozen Embryo Transfer 713
Standart IVF medications +/- 1100-2000
Eggs freezing(2Eggs-1sraw) + 1 year storage 252
Eggs freezing(1egg-1sraw) + 1 year storage
Eggs annual storage fee (after the first year) 84
Cryopreservation of sperm (with storage for 1 year) 130
sperm annual storage fee (after the first year) 84
Cryopreservation of embryos (with storage for 1 year) 294
Cryopreservation of embryos (1embryo-1sraw)(with storage for 1 year) 500
Embryos annual storage fee (after the first year) 84
Extra charge for IMSI 210
Extra charge for PICSI 168
Testicular biopsy under anesthesia TESA (PESA) 252
Donor Sperm 252
Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)5 and gender selection (CGH) (Up to 8 embryos) 1100
PGD 9 chromosomes (up to 8 embryons) 1523
PGD 24 chromosomes (up to 8 embryons) 2199
Semen Analys (Spermogram) 42

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