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Hair transplants surgery

Being bald tends to make one look much older than they really are. For a man in his twenties, thirties or forties, looks are everything. Losing hair on the top part of your head can leave you looking down on yourself and feeling conscious when you are out in public.

          Hair loss comes as a result of aging, genetics or diseases like alopecia. Hair loss is not something that only men endure but women alike also suffer the same issues mainly as a result of pregnancy, or lactation. Oral drugs and topical creams tend to work very slowly and rarely give you the results you are looking for. However, hair transplants surgery is a procedure that is guaranteed to give you positive results to surpass your expectations. The global hair transplant industry was estimated to be worth around $5 billion in 2017 and is projected to grow to an estimated $24 billion by 2024.

Read more to find out how hair transplants surgery can help you regain your youthful appearance and ravishing looks.  

What is hair transplants surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is a surgical procedure that uses microtransplantation technique to help rejuvenate and grow back hair in balding spots. The surgeon uses the patient’s own hair or donated hair. The patient’s hair follicles are harvested from other parts of the head such as the back or side areas where hair is in plenty and grows fast. These areas of the head where hair is collected from are known as donor sites.

The hair transplant procedure

The surgeon uses the intricate technique to graft the collected hair on the areas of focus where balding or hair loss has occurred on the patients head. The surgeon uses one of two ways to collect hair from the donor site. They include:

  • FUT (Follicular unit strip) surgery – Here the surgeon, after numbing that part of your head, cuts off a strip of skin with hair at the back of your head and seals the open wound shut. The strip is then divided into small grafts numbering 500 to 2000 depending on how big or small the strip of skin previously cut was. The grafts are then grafted into little slits or holes made on the bald spots on the patient’s head.
  • FUE hair transplant (Follicular unit extraction) – the surgeon here cleans, shaves and numbs the donor site probably at the back of your head. He thereafter removes one follicle after another from this site and transfers them to the bald spots on the patients head. The FUE procedure takes longer but produces less scarring, which is more important for short hairstyles.
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It is imperative that the procedure is carried out by an experienced surgeon who will achieve the desired results and take care of the patient during the operation. In addition, an experienced surgeon knows the right procedures to follow and techniques to use to guarantee that natural texture, growth rate and color of the hair is retained after the surgery.

The results of the hair transplant surgery are long-lasting and in numerous cases permanent. No balding will occur again in future and the new hair follicles will continue to thrive. Using one’s own hair to do the grafting is a great option as it keeps one safe from having to deal with the rejection of grafted hair.

Recovery time after hair transplants surgery

The good thing about undergoing a hair transplant is that the surgeon does not make incisions anywhere on your head. This means that you don’t need stitches which are often painful and tend to leave scars. Here there is no pain nor are there scars to hide after the surgery. This is a relatively clean procedure that may take longer than other types of minimally invasive surgeries. But when you see the results in your before and after pictures, you will see that it was worth it. The surgeon makes little micro holes that heal very fast and are significantly less painful.  The surgeon implants 5,000 to 11,000 hair follicles during the entire hair transplantation process yet it surprisingly only takes 10 days for the hair to survive and get fully transplanted onto the scalp.  

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Benefits of having hair transplant surgery in Ukraine

  • Safe and comfortable procedure
  • The scalp may reject the transplant if the hair was from a donor
  • No use of incisions hence no stitches hence no scarring.
  • Uses local anesthesia
  • No swelling, headaches, or bruising
  • There’s a 100 percent chance that the hair will grow after undergoing a hair transplant.
  • All-inclusive prices
  • Weekend procedure
  • One time procedure

Cost of hair transplant surgery FT Beauty&Health Co.

Costs vary from patient to patient and depending on how severe your condition was.

At the initial e-mail consultation looking at your pictures, a doctor can estimate the number of grafts needed quite accurately.

In UK for Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), clinics charge from £2.00 per graft, subject to a minimum charge of £2000 for 500 grafts. You will need to add the cost of anaesthesia and other treatment related expenses.

Our prices include:
  • arrangements for all pre-op and post-op consultations with surgeons and doctors remotely and in person in Ukraine
  • booking the clinic and all medical services for suitable dates
  • booking accommodation
  • transfer from airport to the hotel and clinic for consultation, operation, and post-operative check-up
  • pre-op exams at a clinic in Ukraine
  • personal English-speaking assistant
  • use of a local mobile phone to stay in-touch 24 hours a day
  • cost of procedure
  • local or general anesthesia
  • operating theatre and recovery room
  • 1 night stay in the clinic if needed
  • Compressing garment if needed
  • City tour, shopping, restaurants tour (on request)
  • Post-operative check
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Complimentary treat from our company ☆ ™
            If the loss of hair on the head, face, and body negatively affects the quality of your life, you can permanently get rid of an unaesthetic deficiency with FT Beauty&Health!

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