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Face&Neck Lift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)

Lifestyle habits, aging, and stress are the main culprits behind why facelift surgery may be the perfect option for you. Wrinkles and loose skin are two major results of these culprits that can drastically affect one’s overall appearance. Facelift surgery aims to correct such facial issues to enhance the look of the jaw and face. There are a variety of procedures that can be performed simultaneously with facelift surgery. One such procedure is the neck lift surgery. Patients who choose the facelift surgery due to wrinkling especially in the neck area will find that after the neck lift surgery, they no longer have wrinkles. When performed together with the facelift surgery, the neck lift surgery produces exemplary results by removing double chin otherwise known as the second chin. Here we discuss further the nitty gritty surrounding facelift surgery.

What is Face lift surgery?

Face lift surgery or Rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure performed by a board certified surgeon that involves lifting part of the facial skin with the goal of removing wrinkles from the patients’ face. Other issues solved by face lift surgery include withdrawing saggy cheeks and smoothening a patients’ nasolabial folds. In addition, procedures such as cheek correction can be undertaken at the same time as the face lift surgery which aids in eliminating aesthetically unattractive flows and jowls.   

            In a bid to make you look younger, the surgeon employs techniques one of these being the front lift surgery. This surgery entails lifting of the upper eyelids which is particularly aimed at targeting the upper areas of the face to correct irregularities and remove unwanted features.  

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How facelift surgery is done

It is of utmost importance that a patient only conducts consultations with a board certified surgeon. This, because the face lift surgery requires lots of experience, attention to detail and patience to successfully carry out the procedure. A surgical face lift entails lifting and tightening muscles lying underneath the facial skin. The goal here is to create more natural looking contours and rejuvenate the entire structure of the face. After performing the mini face lift or a lower face lift, the surgeon may go ahead and remove excess fat cells to enhance and give the patient an overall impressive appearance.  

What patients should expect

The patient should expect to feel nothing during the face surgery as the facelift surgery is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. After two to three hours the surgery is done and the patient remains at the clinic for 2 nights for intensive therapy and care. The incisions are stitched or surgical patch. Depending on the extent of the intervention, the surgeon may place a drainage tube that prevents the formation of edemas and hematomas.

       After that, a patient is allowed to go home to recover as they await their results for minimum 7 and maximum 10 days. The surgeon’s aim is to use modern equipment to help minimize discomfort, scarring, pain and recovery time. Laser surgery allows you to perform the operation as safely as possible, without visible scars and scars, reducing the recovery period to 14 days.

The results are long lasting which rids the patient of the worry that they may have to go back for the surgery after only a couple of years.

      Note however that you must adopt healthy habits and maintain a healthy weight.  

     Studies show that almost 13 years after receiving a facelift in the UK, 68.5% of the patients reported that they were still impressed with the results of their surgery which even improved beyond their expectations as time went by. Looking at before and after photos, patients feel that they aged back by 10 years or more after undergoing Facelift surgery.

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The table below illustrates Face and Neck features of a patient considering facelift surgery, and favorable options for its implementation

Indications for Face lift surgery

The omission (ptosis) of the soft tissues of the face
Severe skin flabbiness
Deep nasolabial wrinkles
The appearance of the second chin

Good health options for a Face lift 

Elastic skin 
Defined bone structure 
Has wrinkles, loose skin on face and neck 
Is in good health generally 

Facelift surgery is for both men and women. Age affects everyone. Men too wish to maintain their good looks for improved self-esteem. This makes them equally viable candidates for a facelift surgery which results in men looking younger and refreshed.


Types of Facelift

Classic lifting

A face lift extends to the skin of the face and neck. The traditional procedure is performed through an incision that runs along the hairline, around the ear and under the chin, in the natural folds of the skin. Due to this, later the scars will be almost invisible. Such a facelift gives effect for many years. If the patient is also concerned about heavy, hanging eyelids and bags under the eyes, then the face lifting can be combined with blepharoplasty.

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SMAS lifting

A more modern and popular today facelift technology (and even more complicated) is SMAS lifting. In this method, the surgeon lifts and hems in the new position the muscular aponeurotic layer (SMAS), which is under the skin and subcutaneous tissue and acts as a skeleton for the soft tissues of the face. This technique is suitable for patients of about 45 years old, whose face and neck skin has not yet lost so much elasticity.

Mini facelift

Mini-facelift can also be called “little scar” facelift. In this procedure, the surgeon makes an S-shaped incision in the temple or in front of the ear, without going into the area behind the ear (as with a traditional facelift). This method of braces applies to SMAS lifting, but is performed under local anaesthesia and is suitable for patients aged 30 to 40 years. The technique is designed for easy skin tightening with minimal cuts. Mini-plastics is beneficial in that it provides excellent results, but it requires less money and much less time to restore than with a classic facelift.

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Deep facelift (circular face lift)

If age-related changes have left a significant mark on the cheekbones and mid-face, a cardinal method of correction will be deep facelift or circular facelift. In contrast to the SMAS technique, with this method, the surgeon corrects the deeper layers of facial tissues. Also, this technique is shown to smokers, because Such a tightening has less effect on the microcirculation of tissues, which means it minimizes the risk of complications among smokers, who most often have poor circulation. If the fascia and chewing muscle are fragmentarily corrected in combination with the skin, then one can expect to maintain the effect for 4–6 years. With a full tightening of the fascia and chewing muscles, the renewed oval of the face will remain for 10-12 years.

Brow and forehead lift

A facelift is often complemented by a lifting of the forehead and eyebrows. The forehead lift allows not only to eliminate deep folds on the forehead or nose but also to correct heavy eyelids and low eyebrows. According to the existing standard of a beautiful ratio of eyes and eyebrows, the distance between the center of the pupil and the eyebrow should be approximately 2-2.5 centimeters. If less, then low eyebrows, even at a young age, give a stern and gloomy facial expression.

There are 2 methods of brow and forehead lift:

  • The classic tightening of the skin of the forehead – a continuous “coronary” incision is made in the hairy part of the forehead from ear to ear.
  • Endoscopic tightening – 3-5 short incisions are made in the hairy part of the forehead, through which the main operation on deep tissues is carried out under the control of the video camera, which allows smoothing forehead wrinkles and raising eyebrows.

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Facelift costs vary from doctor to doctor and are mainly determined by how complicated the surgery is going to be for each patient. Discussing facelift costs with your doctor will help both of you come to a favorable understanding. To get a few doctor’s evaluations we will need you to send us a few photos through our


Prices for Face&Neck Lift in Ukraine

Price in UK Price in Ukraine
Lower face lift £5700 £2750
Lower and middle Face Lift with SMAS lifting £7290 £3200
Neck Lift £6000 £1800
Neck Lift, Lower and middle Face Lift with SMAS lifting £9000 £3850
Circular Face Lift with SMAS lifting £11000 £4350
Circular Face&Neck Lift with SMAS lifting £14000 £4650

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