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Dentistry abroad in Ukraine with FT Beauty&Health Co.

Europe is the largest market for global dental implants. Technological advances together with a growing awareness about oral hygiene, an aging population in Western Countries and an increasing demand for aesthetic dentistry are all contributing to a wide spread adoption of dental implants. Whilst the U.K., France and Germany are among the fastest growing markets for dental implants in Europe, the high cost of dental implants surgery in these countries has helped to fuel the growth of medical tourism abroad, particularly in parts of Eastern Europe. 

Veneers, implants, crowns cost abroad

FT Beauty&Health is proud to propose the full range of modern dentistry services available in the heart of Europe – Kiev, Ukraine.

Lumineers (Veneers) £349
Implants £725
Porcelain Crowns £329
Dental Bridge £495

Consultation – FREE

Old crowns or veneers removal – FREE

Transfers from airport to dentist and hotel –  FREE

Panoramic X-Ray – FREE

We guaranty:

  • Quality dental treatment at a price you can afford, without compromising on quality;
  • Top safety standards in our clinics, which meet or exceed the standards set by the City Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • Prosthetics of all types and any complexity;
  • Tooth implants (including two-stage implantation);
  • Full range of hygiene and preventive procedures, as well as whitening;
  • You will not be surprised – Smile modelling where the patient can see future results;
  • 100% match of the modelled image and the result obtained;
  • Price transparency. We can refer you to an affiliated clinic in London to obtain a panoramic X-ray and get a quotation for the dental treatment in the UK and the corresponding price in Ukraine;
  • You will experience an individual approach and unique personal assistance.
Dentistry 1st class abroad – FT Beauty&Health

Is it worth to go abroad for Dental treatment?

Advantages of having Dental care in Kiev with FT Beauty&Health
  • Your dental treatment will be performed at one of the most modern private dental clinics in Kiev.
  • Our dental clinic has its own dental laboratory, which gives us unlimited possibilities in prosthetics. We perform two-stage implantation. Metal and ceramic crowns, inserts, luminas, press ceramics crowns, zirconia crowns, gold alloy construction, elements for implantation of any complexity (two-stage implantation) are manufactured on the basis of our laboratories.
  • Leading specialists working in our clinic were trained in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, USA. Doctors constantly undergo refresher courses, attend dental conferences and exhibitions, and exchange experience with foreign colleagues.
  • We provide patients with all kinds of current prosthetics. The list of proposed services for the installation of dental prostheses, includes titanium prosthetics and the creation of prostheses from alloys containing gold. The company guarantees high-quality, effective and accurate dental prosthetics. This procedure is carried out in accordance with the latest CAD CAM technologies, which helps to preserve the beauty and health of a smile.
  • Instruments and materials for dental procedures are selected on the basis of strict selection: only certified products from leading manufacturers in this field are accepted – Ivoclar, Vivadent, Bredent, Dentsply.

Why dental treatment in Ukraine with FT Beauty&Health:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Savings up to 70% on UK prices including accommodation and flights
  • Highly qualified dental specialists with 10+ years of experience
  • Cutting edge technologies – Cerec CAD/CAM, digital CT, 3D visualisation, etc.
  • Friendly English speaking staff
  • Accessibility – direct flights to Kiev starting from £60 pound return
  • Kiev – a stunning historical city, ideal for a relaxing break
  • Personal Assistance – our Care Team will take care of you from the first enquiry, right through your treatment in Kiev and return home, including after-care consultations, as required
  • Flexibility – Ranging from weekend dentistry, through to more complex procedures requiring dental treatment over a week or more time  
  • Instant treatment – crowns, veneers and inlays can be completed within hours
  • Proved experience of working with international clients
  • Full tourist services including accommodation, transfers, city-tours
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Veneers, Lumineers cheaper abroad – FT Beauty&Health
Where to go for dentistry abroad – FT Beauty&Health
Where to go for dentistry abroad – FT Beauty&Health
Implants dental cheaper abroad – FT Beauty&Health
Best dentistry destination abroad – FT Beauty&Health
Dental tourism is a great opportunity to combine dental treatment with quality time in a relaxing friendly environment in Kiev. You’ll return home rested and with an enviable snow-white smile.
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