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Fat deposits tend to gather in certain parts of the face as a result of weight gain or as you grow older. This causes the face to appear droopy especially around the cheek and areas surrounding the mouth. Many people result to following precise diet plans and join a gym where they work out every day in a bid to lose weight. While the rest of the body may respond positively to the workout, the fat deposits on the face remain the same.

             Buccal fat pads removal surgery is an amazing technique that has helped thousands of men and women all over the world achieve their desired facial appearance. Read more to find out all about this technique. 

Buccal fat pad removal also is known as Bichat’s fat pad removal surgery entails reduction or removal of fat deposits around the temples, cheeks, and face in general. This is a surgery that is commonly performed by qualified surgeons and is conducted on both men and women to help give the face a smoother, slimmer, and appealing look.    

The procedure begins when the surgeon makes very small incisions on the inner side of the cheeks of the patient who is under local anesthesia. Using special tools the surgeon reaches for the buccal fat pad and exposes it by pulling it towards the mouth and carefully removes it. Both cheeks undergo the same procedure. Once the surgeon is done, he or she closes the incisions he earlier made with sutures that are self-dissolving. The entire surgery takes about 20 minutes.

Note that this surgery should only be performed by an experienced surgeon. This is a very sensitive area to operate on and a slight slip in judgment may end up tampering with nerves. This, unfortunately, may result in excessive bleeding and loss of function on that part of the face. 

After the surgery, the patient is observed for a short while and is free to head home and begin recovery. On average it takes three days to one week for the side effects of the surgery to fade away. Thereafter, the patient is able to notice a huge difference in their appearance as per his or her before and after pictures.

Buccal fat pads removal before and after pictures

Buccal fat pads before after photos – FT Beauty&Health
Buccal fat pads before after photos – FT Beauty&Health

As healing continues, however, the patient will notice further difference in regards to their facial appearance.     It is advisable not to compare yourself to other patients during recovery because different people heal at different rates. The goal is to stay healthy and follow the doctor’s instructions during healing. Most patients notice that after a few weeks when all the swelling and soreness has died down they are no longer wondering whether the surgery was successful as the expected result slowly unveils itself.     The table below illustrates risks, benefits, and rules that are associated with buccal fat pad removal surgery.

Benefits Risks Rules
Slimmer face Excess bleeding Hydrate
Smoother appearance Tampering with facial nerves Eat healthy food
Defined facial features Infection Take prescribed medication
Improved confidence Soreness and swelling Avoid activities that stress the face like too much chewing

Buccal Fat Pads Removal cost

The cost is not the same for each patient as some patients prefer certain procedures to be performed at the same time as the buccal fat pad removal procedure. Such additional procedures include facelift procedure and liposuction procedure.

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